Venison - Cover Art


Preytorians Have Returned

The generals have returned with sharpened blades ready to slice and dice. Get ready to join them with the video premiere, “Venison!”

The Preytorians are back with the 1st entry into the Metal Wars & Digital Wars realms of Warmusic II. War Lives and the Preytorians have come back to add fuel to the fire!

The new video premieres Tuesday October 29th, 2019 @ 8PM PST. Join us live while we celebrate the new release and get back to the battlefield. Catch the premiere on YouTube and chat live with us as the world sees VENISON for the first time!

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Something Rather Than Nothing Podcast

PODCAST: Preytorians’ Sean Wynn on Something (Rather Than Nothing)

Hey Troops!

Preytorians: Sean WynnYou don’t want to miss this one! The Preytorians’ own Sean Wynn appears on the Something (Rather Than Nothing) Podcast this week…

From the podcast description:

“…we talk Hip-Hop, Art, Comics, Chicago, Rap history, women in geek culture, action figures, sci-fi, fantasy, Oddisee, Young Brother, Rapsody…”

Check out the episode here and listen to a fantastic discussion which gives plenty of insight on general we all know and love! It’s a great listen, you won’t regret it!


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Hey FB friends! We’ve created a Preytorians Facebook Group!

We are changing the way we interact with listeners. If you would like to engage with us on a more consistent and personal basis. Join the Preytorians Army on Facebook!


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