Warmusic – Past Wars


  1. It Is Time (Past Wars) Preytorians Buy - $1.25
  2. War (Past Wars) Preytorians Buy - $1.25
  3. Blood (Past Wars) Preytorians Buy - $1.25
  4. Crush (Past Wars) Preytorians Buy - $1.25
  5. Fear (Past Wars) Preytorians Buy - $1.25
  6. Dead (Past Wars) Preytorians Buy - $1.25


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Warmusic – Past Wars:

Battle-ready Hip-hop. Travel back to a harsher, less forgiving wartime with a traditional classical phonic experience! Preytorians’ Warmusic – Past Wars takes the aggressive tone of the Warmusic experience and sets it to a series of classical instruments for a driving, cinematic feel that truly embodies the feeling of war! Dive into the past with all of the sword-strokes and clashing armor of a time long forgotten.

Why Warmusic?

Preytorians’ Warmusic – Past Wars was released as part of a dual EP consisting of two modes: Future Wars and Past Wars. The Preytorians plan is to deliver hard hitting musical styles and relentless lyrical attacks to win over friends and foes alike. This crew of emcees means business and that business is giving you the fire and determination to attack your obstacles head-on. There’s no surrender and no retreat. Anything that stands in your way can, and will, be obliterated.

Tracks like “Blood” and “Crush” serve to inspire you and drive you to stand up, put on that armor, and win the day! The single “Fear” is a blueprint so that you do not allow the problems that surround you to win out. Put the fear of god into anything that stands in your way. You cannot be defeated! “Dead” is a somber warning to anything that won’t get out of your path that it is living on borrowed time and it’s only a matter of time before you take it down and turn it into the dead.


”Warmusic embodies the emotion of war to inspire the conquering of your obstacles and to spur the fight for what you believe in. Warmusic is not just a sound. It is a feeling…your motivation…a battle cry. Preytorians have come to bring the fuel for your fire. Do not surrender. FIGHT.”

– Preytorians

released June 30, 2017

Written by: K. King, S. Wynn, & D. Clark
Composted & Arranged by: K. King


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