Graveyard feat. Ra Boogie

Graveyard feat. Ra Boogie

Preytorians have released Graveyard feat. Ra Boogie! The crew is back with reinforcements! Don’t miss the release of “Graveyard” featuring the precision incisions of Ra Boogie. The crew is back with the 2nd entry into the Metal Wars & Digital Wars realms of Warmusic II, Graveyard feat. Ra Boogie.

War Lives and the Preytorians have come back to add fuel to the fire!

The new songs takes a stroll through the new home of the enemy’s bodies and souls. Come along as the crew not only provides a warning, but delivers on the promise of striking devastating blows front and center.

Check out the song right now and keep your eyes open for its arrival on digital stores and streaming services soon!

Graveyard feat. Ra Boogie: Cover Art

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