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Due to what we perceive to be unfair and unsustainable payment structures, We have chosen to remove our music from streaming services. In order for independent artists like us to be able to afford to continue making music, we must be fairly compensated for the countless hours of practice, years of experience, and creativity we pour into our music. We are eternally grateful for your support and if you would like to continue supporting us, our music and merch can be found at:


Warmusic (Future Wars) Cover Art

Warmusic (Future Wars)

Warmusic (Past Wars) Cover Art

Warmusic (Past Wars)

Chop Shop EP Cover Art

Chop Shop (EP)

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  1. Those who embody the emotion of war to inspire the conquering of obstacles and to spur the fight for what they believe in. 
  2. Some dope emcees.

Preytorians, a dynamic trio of Kielen King, Sean Wynn, and Demond Clark, burst onto the scene in 2017, with roots in Portland, Oregon, and Chicago, Illinois. Their music, known as Cinematic Hip Hop or "battle-ready hip hop," captures the raw emotion and intensity of war, not in the sense of conflict, but as a metaphor for the internal and external battles one faces. With their powerful lyrics and aggressive beats, Preytorians' music is a rallying cry, aiming to inspire resilience and determination. The group's "Warmusic" concept embodies this philosophy, urging listeners to confront their obstacles with the ferocity of a warrior.

What is Preytorians' Warmusic?

Warmusic is not intended to capture the essence of committing acts of war, but rather highlighting and utilizing the emotion surrounding the circumstances of war. The raw feelings that engaging in war presents. Whatever form that emotion takes is great and powerful, whether we’re talking insurgents in Afghanistan, the beaches of Normandy, or the spears and leather armor of ancient man. Take our first release "Fear," for example. We want the viewer to instill fear in the obstacles that are standing in their way. We are aiming for a mindset that says, 'Don't be afraid of your challenges. Make your challenges afraid of you!' Warmusic is not just a sound. This is a feeling. It is motivation. We are your battle cry. Preytorians have come to bring the fuel for your fire.

When You think the battle is over…Fight.

If you think you have nothing left…Fight.

When it feels like the enemy has won…Fight.

Do not surrender.


"Your rivals forget their place. Remind them with your foot in their asses." 

-Spartacus: Legends


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